Apr 222019

Automatic Sperm Collector You Won’t Believe Exists

You would think a pink and grey sperm collector called “SW-3701” would have come out of Japan.

But nope.

China did it first.

This medical device from Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province, has re-emerged on social media again after its …

Apr 172019

10 Remote Controlled Bullet Vibrators That Will Blow Your Mind


I believe that these little guys have their place. First, they’re very inexpensive (ranging from under ten dollars and maxing out at around thirty). This is great for anyone just starting out with sex toys …

Apr 082019

Fuck Machine At A Kink Party

Another experience from the vault of my kinky experiences – part entertainment, part cautionary tale (or at least one of best practices for sex things with complicated moving parts).

What to do and NOT to do when taking a sex …

Mar 242019

7 Lube Dispenser Reviewed From Great To Worst

I know what you’re thinking…

Isn’t the bottle already a dispenser??

Yes. Yes it is.

But there are also things on the market to help keep things a little cleaner or more convenient. Here are some across the spectrum – …

Nov 072019

Pushing your sexual boundaries with inflatable dildos

Sex toys were considered as a taboo a few years back, but they have grown into popularity recently. And one such sex toy is an inflatable dildo that can be inflated using a hand pump that is used for anal …

Jul 132019

Enjoying Your Urethral Sounding Journey

Do you have experience with inserting sounds? Then you can go for more stimulation than you are used to . For example, try adding a dilator a bit deeper. That is possible with the Pratt sounds which are longer than …

Jul 032019

Uncovering Ben Wa Ball’s Rising Popularity

The Ben Wa balls are without a doubt the most unknown sex toys and most false beliefs and false expectations by the users. These have been accentuated by the success of the saga Fifty Shades which describes them as sextoys …