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Enjoying Your Urethral Sounding Journey

Enjoying Your Urethral Sounding Journey

Do you have experience with inserting sounds? Then you can go for more stimulation than you are used to . For example, try adding a dilator a bit deeper. That is possible with the Pratt sounds which are longer than average and specially designed to bring in deeper. Or go for the Van Buren with a J-form for prostate stimulation or the Rosebud for stimulation of the bladder. Also vibrating models are recommended for advanced users. Don’t forget about the lubricants for urethral sounding.

Do you know that urethral plugs have many sexual benefits that is why pornstars use penis sounding toys before a scene to increase their performance?

The size

Do you know what type of dilator you want? Then it is important to delve into the measure. Especially if you have already tried a model that is for beginners, but you are not ready for a sound that you can bring deeply into or with which you can stimulate your prostate. The sounds have different thicknesses. Of course you can buy a dilator set which contains sounds with different sizes. This way you can try a different model step by step and find out which thickness you prefer. Every dilator has a different cross-section. The narrowest dilators have a diameter of 1.5 MM to 2 MM. The largest dilators have a diameter from 5 MM. Do you want to try a big sound? Then you can only buy a set. There are no sounds available separately that have such a thickness. Filter on the left side of the page to the desired size.


Almost all dilators are made of stainless steel. This is surgical metal. This material is sterile. Especially the sounds for experienced users are made of this material. They are not only easier to use, they also feel different when you bring them in especially in contrast to silicone dilators. These are ideal for men who want to try a dilator for the first time, because of the soft silicone material. This makes them extra easy to insert and it feels less stiff.

How do you use a dilator?

A sound is not a product that you just use. It requires a special approach, especially if you use it for the first time. Please read the following step-by-step plan carefully if you are ready to use a dilator.

Step-by-step plan to start:

Relax and lie comfortably on your back. Provide a stable surface such as a bed or a table. Do you use the bed and the sound is inserted by another person? Position the patient diagonally, the genitals in the far corner, the legs spread out and off the bed. That way you have the easiest access.

Wash the genitals with warm water and anti-bacterial soap, pat gently dry. The goal is to remove superficial bacteria.

Put your dilator or dilator set on your bedside table or next to you. Do not touch the sounds with your bare hands, only with clean latex gloves.

Do you have a set? Arrange the sounds in order of size so that you do not have to search later once you start inserting.

With the help of a cotton swab and alcohol you can rid the sounds of any bacteria or fungi that have appeared in the air or by inadvertent touching.

Introduction technique

Is everything ready? Then you can now begin with insertion. The technique of introducing a sound is mainly learned by doing it. The following step-by-step plan is a guideline, so it may not be possible to immediately succeed. After all, you cannot learn in practice by just reading the theory. You will see that if you use these products more often, inserting and playing with a dilator becomes easier. Always follow the tips below if you are using a sound for the first time.

Are you right-handed? Then you insert the dilator with your right hand. With your left hand you hold your penis. If you start, carefully spread the opening of the penis. If necessary, remove your foreskin.

Use a little lubricant on the end of the dilator and of course in your urethra and the opening in the glands. Make sure you do not use too much lubricant at the end of the dilator. This can make it slippery and reduce your grip on the sound. You want to prevent this toy from suddenly shooting down.

Only apply a dilator if your penis is not in erect condition. The penis must be weak, even during removal. Otherwise, the chance of infection is greater.  In principle you can use any type of lubricant, unless you are naturally allergic to a certain species. The lubricant can cause irritation, but this feeling goes away within a minute and does not mean anything.

Ready for insertion

Hold the penis straight up (at an angle of 90 degrees, seen from the body). Push the first sound in about a thumb width (2.5CM). Carefully proceed to insert the rest of the sound. The sound will tend to slip inward due to gravity. It is your job to stop and guide it. Never push a sound inside; otherwise you will damage the urethra! If the sound stops sliding in, stretch the penis carefully by holding it at the top. This stretches the urethra and the sound finds its way.

Input technique for Van Buren J-style sounds

Due to the shape of this type of dilator, it is wise to use a different method of insertion. The above steps can be used until the moment where the sound thumb length is inserted. Then follow the steps below:

If the sound is a thumb width, then the angle of the penis . Let it slowly move towards the testicles to form a 45-degree angle.

Then allow the penis to gradually rise again. This ensures that the sound bends with the curve in the urethra. This ‘drops’ him in the bladder. Accompany the sound by gently pulling at the end.

Remove a sound

Always remove the sound slowly. Do you feel exciting? Then you can keep playing and move the dilator up and down until you may orgasm or the feeling is no longer pleasant. Are you more experienced and do you wanted to use multiple sizes of dilators? Then after removing the first measure, you can continue with the next one. Keep on going until it no longer feels comfortable. This is usually due to the size of the sound.


Do you feel a burning pain at the tip of your penis? Then stop! You know you have reached the largest size when the skin at the top of the penis gets stuck to the dilator during insertion and removal even if you have used enough lubricant. The tissue forms a slight funnel shape while you insert or remove the dilator. The use of a larger dilator will stretch the urethra then it will return to its original size unless you do this three or four times. Are you ready? Then remove excess lubricant and clean the dilator.