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Drawing on the methodologies of Adaptive Leadership and Group Relations, this workshop will be an experiential opportunity to surface and examine our explicit and implicit assumptions about sex and powerWe will create the conditions for a deep dive into understanding the adaptive processes of social structures, the here-and now dynamics of power across gender identities, and the challenging and candid conversations that can lead us to personal insights about our own exercise of leadership.

In contrast to our large general conferences – which you can look forward to attending in October 2019 – this will be a smaller gathering using a powerful kind of holding environment technique. 

This will not be a traditional conference with speakers and panels, but a fully immersive experience that will help us surface and learn by examining our group dynamics and how that reveals the assumptions we hold about Sex and Power, particularly as they relate to the exercise of leadership and authority.

This gathering is a unique opportunity for our members and guests to participate in a workshop that draws both on the Group Relations methodology and the Adaptive Leadership framework to explore critical dynamics that may lie just outside of our awareness. Paying close attention to in-the-moment personal and collective experience and the exchanges occurring in our groups we can forge new insights about things like, boundary management, authority, and the process of damage and repair of trust in relationships within and across gender lines.

Note that our gathering will be limited to 60 people in order to explore this method, so places will fill up fast.

The workshop will be lead by two eminent experts: James Wardwell, directing the Group Relations approach and Danica Green, directing the Adaptive Leadership approach. 

Questions that may come up include: What is exploding in front of us? Why has it caught fire? Can we make this a cultural shift rather than another pressure cooker valve just letting off steam? What does it mean for our own lives and practice of leadership? What is the role for anger and shame? How does this affect the covert game of sexual exchange where conquests signal power and prestige? What does masculinity mean? What does femininity mean? What is the essence of our gendered selves and what connects us to this sense of who we are, our sexual identity?


Member Workshop Fee
·         $590 (after August 31)
Non-Member Workshop Fee
·         $990 (after August 31)

Scholarship Rate for ALN Members: $199