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Uncovering Ben Wa Ball’s Rising Popularity

Uncovering Ben Wa Ball’s Rising Popularity

The Ben Wa balls are without a doubt the most unknown sex toys and most false beliefs and false expectations by the users. These have been accentuated by the success of the saga Fifty Shades which describes them as sextoys having the ability to give orgasms monumental during a gala meal, without the knowledge of everyone, or to the opportunity a memorable spanking.

What are Ben Wa Balls? Often confused with vibrating eggs, which surpass them in terms of instant pleasure, they are nevertheless among the most interesting female sex toys, as they produce incommensurably positive effects on female pleasure and intimate health. Here are some facts, pell-mell that we hope will enlighten you more on these little pearls of pleasure of a particular kind.

Ben Wa balls

Ben Wa balls have been around for hundreds of years. Jade, ivory, or metal copies dating back to 500 AD have been found. JC in South-East Asia, their origins are relatively obscure, but we find a documented use in some specific Taoist who already advocated the use and virtues on sexual vigor.

These were real assets not only for the Ben Wa – who appeared during the 18th century only – but for all Southeast Asian courtesans (China, Thailand, Burma, etc.) who are experts in pleasure because they allowed to keep their vaginas lubricated throughout the day to always be willing to satisfy their sexual partners, but especially to keep them sexually active over the years.

Ben Wa balls are a very common appellation in French-speaking countries, they are also called Venus balls, or “Ben Wa “, or ” Rin No Tama “, etc. All these designations all refer to the same balls-shaped devices that are inserted into the vagina to keep it “active”.

The former were often two dissociated balls (influence of Yin and Yang in Tantra and Taoist culture) in jade or semi-precious stones. They have evolved over time to arrive at these small simple hulls, or doubles for that matter, connected first by a nylon thread (these old versions were not very hygienic) to facilitate the extraction, then, to balls coated with soft and hygienic silicone, each containing small balls whose free movement inside the shells trigger additional contractions of the pelvic floor muscles.

Ben Wa balls are real dumbbells for the pelvic floor muscles. Inserted into the vagina and under the effect of gravity they will solicit the muscles of the pelvic floor reflexively. They thus make work this muscular network, without it being necessary to make a conscious effort of contraction.

They help improve vaginal sensations and pleasure in general by improving the constrictor effect of the walls of the vagina to better grip his partner to increase his own pleasure and his own.

They improve continence and have a preventive action on the appearance of urinary incontinence and stress incontinence in general, by acting on the maculation of the median plane of the pelvic floor which ensures the control of the sphincters.

Ben Wa balls can also prevent the appearance of prolapse (or descent organs: bladder or uterus most often) by improving the deep musculature of the pelvic floor and strengthening including what is called the pelvic diaphragm. Wearing Ben Wa balls improves the vascularity of the genital areas and therefore improves natural lubrication by acting especially on vaginal transudation. Wearing Ben Wa balls helps to sensitize those who carry them to the vaginal sensations, allowing the brain to better map certain areas of the vagina.

Wearing Ben Wa balls during Kegel exercises improves the effectiveness of these perinea strengthening exercises. Indeed, it is easier to target the pelvic floor muscles by wearing Ben Wa balls because one is better aware of the muscular work compared to doing it “empty”. In empty, the muscular effort can be decentralized on the abdominals, the thighs or the gluts.

The muscles of the pelvic floor can be damaged by several events in a woman’s life or by certain sports activities. Indeed, births, pregnancies, menopause, chronic coughs can have a harmful effect on the muscular tone of the pelvic floor. And the effects of lack of perinea tonicity are often experienced as fatalities whereas with a little assiduity and training one can find its former tonicity and its narrowness of yesteryear.

The practice of certain sports such as running, horse riding, tennis, volleyball tend to weaken the muscles of the pelvic floor when there is little or no wrapping of the abdominal strap. Indeed, it is recommended to learn how to gain the muscles of the pelvic floor and strengthen the muscles of the abdominal strap to effectively cushion the shocks produced by these sports practices. The so-called hypo-oppressive techniques recommended by some physiotherapists, or learned during some Pilates or Yoga classes are extremely respectful of the fragility of this muscle by the way.

Women are not born equal in perinea tonicity. Heredity and genetics have their influence on this factor as well. So, if nature did not spoil you at this level, know that one can quite claim the title of Olympic champion perinea games through regular exercises and training!

You can greatly increase the power of your vaginal orgasms by wearing Ben Wa balls by simultaneously stimulating your G-spot with your fingers or with an ad hoc sex toy. At the time of orgasm remember to eject the balls of Ben Wa, their extraction is often accompanied by the release of a huge sexual tension and can sometimes be accompanied by female ejaculation.

Ben Wa balls are not suitable for anal use. They are even totally discouraged; indeed, as they do not have “guard” they can be absorbed higher up in the rectum and get stuck. If you still want to test the resonance effect of the balls that are contained in the Ben Wa balls, there are ad hoc models for anal use: B Balls from Fun Factory.

Ben Wa balls are not the best sextoys to provide intense sensations when worn in public. If you want a stronger stimulation, then it is better to prefer their vibrating counterparts with remote control, to spice up your games in a big way. These and more varieties of ben wa balls are available at Loveballs.co.

You’ll probably be disappointed to know it, but Ana Steele is a famous actress and the sensations she feels while wearing Ben Wa balls are worth the simulation Oscar. However, if you wear Ben Wa balls and are already expert in tone, you can give immeasurable pleasures by moving them inside of you according to its contractions.